Cosplay Contests


Our cosplay contest now running 4 years and going very strong. We welcome cosplayers of all kinds to join us. Our articulate and knowledgeable judges are always excited and eager to see new and creative costumes, by all those who come to our festival. 

You are welcome to attend to our Cosplay Contests. Are you new to cosplay or just want to show off a clever group creation? Consider entering as an exhibition only. Exhibition-Only contestants do not have to participate in any contest. If you are a cosplayer, but not interested in entering the contest, you’re still welcome to show off your skills! and have fun with us at the Cinema lobby.

The judges themselves know the craft, as well as winners of cosplay competitions themselves. LUSCA Film Fest Cosplay Contests, where everyone is welcome, from Sci-Fi, to Horror, to Video Games, to Comics, to Anime… MAY THE BEST COSPLAYER WIN!!!

People’s Choice Award:
Selected by the votes of the people attending the Festival. Attendees will get a voting ballot with their ticket purchase, which they must fill with their favorite cosplayer’s number and deposit in the voting box, located at the Lusca Information Center.
The Winner will receive:
• Trophy;
• $60 Party City gift card;
Jury Award:
The judges will select 12 registered cosplayers and nominate them for their Jury Award*. All 12 will receive a Judge Nominated Certificate. The judges will vote for the Best Cosplay out of the 12 Nominations.
The Winner will receive:
• Trophy;
• $60 Party City gift card;
Cosplay Photo Race Award:
Cosplayers can compete in this most popular photo race. Post your photo in Cosplay taken @ the Festival's Lobby Backdrop with the hashtags #LuscaCosplayRace #LuscaFilmFest
@ the end of the day the cosplayer with the more likes win the race.
The Winner will receive:
• Winner Certificate;
• $30 Party City gift card;
Other Recognitions:
• Best Make-Up
• Most Faithful to the Character:
• Best Craftsmanship
• Best Character Representation
The Winners will receive:
• Winner Certificate;
*All nominated Cosplayers will be interviewed and it will be published @ Then the Cosplayer can promote his/her interview to compete in the Cosplay Photo Race Award.
Participation in this contest automatically grants valid legal authorization to Lusca International Caribbean Fantastic Film Fest and/or Puerto Rico Film Academy, Inc. the rights to use any photographs, audio, and video taken before, during, and after the entire event, and their use on any existing and future promotional materials. Registering for the competition represents your agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of both the Festival and those established for this contest.
Can I share my Cosplay without competing?
During the whole Festival everybody is allowed to come and show off their costumes without competing.
Do I have to register for the Contests?
Yes, You have to register the day of the event. There will be a Registration Station where you can get your registration number.
Is there a minimum age to participate?
Over 18 years do not need any requirements, but those under 18 need authorization from parents or guardians and should be accompanied by that parent or guardian during the festival and competition.
Do I have to go every day in cosplay to the festival to participate?
No, you have to present yourself in cosplay on Saturday, October 20 before 3:30pm to register for the competitions to compete. If you are nominated (finalist) you must also come in Cosplay on October 24 8:30pm for the awards ceremony. The rest of the days of the Film Festival you can wear any cosplay that you would like to share with us in the festival. Mayagüez contest is November 4, 2018.
• We retain the right of admission or expulsion.
• This is not a convention, it is a movie theater and all sorts of people attend this place. Please keep in mind, the area is more limited and we want to be sure that is enjoyable for everyone.
• Guaynabo Contests - Cosplayers must arrive to Caribbean Cinemas Plaza Guaynabo on October 20, 2018, between 12:00pm - 3:30-pm. No admissions will be accepted after that.
• Mayagüez Contests - Cosplayers must arrive to Caribbean Cinemas Western Plaza on November 4, 2018, between 12:00pm - 3:30-pm. No admissions will be accepted after that.
• The cosplayers will arrive to the cinema, and go straight to the Registration Station.
• In the Registration Table you must provide your information and a number will be given to you.
• This number is your contestant number.
• You must wear it at all time when in the premises.
• This number is the number used for People’s Vote.
• To obtain votes, we recommend you to remain in the lobby and take pictures with attendants. This does not mean that cosplayers are not allowed to enjoy the movies.
• People attending the event will receive a paper slip in which they will write the number of their favorite cosplay and deposit it in the voting box located in the Lusca Information Center.
• Is a families safe zone, so please, No obscene cosplays will be allowed.
• No masks covering the whole face will be allowed, until after registration.
• The cosplayers are not required to purchase anything to participate, however, if they wish to watch a movie they must purchase their tickets to do so.
• Props may be used if they are not too spacious and is made with materials that are not hard, such as wood, fiber glass, metal and etc.
• All props must be checked by the judges before admission into the cinema. They have the right to admission of it in the cinema lobby of ask it to leave it on the car.
• The Cosplays may be from any manga, anime, comic, movie, book, series and video games.
• After the cosplayers have finished their inscriptions, each of the judges will nominate four cosplayers each they find to fulfill all the evaluation criteria.
• If a nominated person plans to watch a movie, must inform the judges promptly to not perform the evaluation during the movie showing.
• The judges look for precision, being in character and craftsmanship.
• This does not mean a cosplay cannot be bought, it has to look well made, similar to the character and as cosplay means costume play, we would like to see people enjoying the experience.
• When a judge nominate a cosplayer, they will take them to the interview area to be interviewed.
• This is a brief interview, which will be recorded and published at Lusca’s Facebook page.
• The brief interview will be focused on the character being cosplayed, how did the cosplayer manage to create or obtain the cosplay and what was the motivation to do this character.
• The judges will then gather and take the cosplayer for evaluation.
• After all 12 nominated cosplayers have been evaluated, the three judges will perform a final evaluation and decide who is the winner.
• There will be only one winner of the judge’s choice award.
• Finalists will be contacted to inform them about the award ceremony.
• The following will receive a certificate of recognition:
• Best Make-Up: this will be given to the most amazing make-up in the premises on the evaluation day.
• Most Faithful to the Character: This will be awarded to the cosplay that looks most like their character, without taking into consideration, skin color, eye color and body type.
• Best Craftsmanship: This will be awarded to the best hand made cosplay.
• Best Character Representation: This will be awarded to the Cosplayer who represents their character the best.