2019 Short Films


Animation Competition

International and local animation competition.
The same day of the presentation will be making the voting and announcing the Local Winners. 

Come and enjoy with the winners!
International Awards will be announced @ Wednesday October, 23

Friday, October 18 - 7:00pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Friday, November 1 - 3:30pm @ Western Plaza

Bloody Horror Shorts
When the lights turned off, dive into this supernatural world where your most terrifying fears will come true. Through the walls of a hellish prison unleashed an ancient evil presence more terrifying than death. And get ready to take part of a mysterious experiment, where things get exceptionally messy. Will you be capable to get rid of your unborn fears or will you let them transform into a disturbing cloud that will alter your appearance. Are you ready to survive the night?

October 19 - 6:15pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Thrusday, October 31 - 7:25pm @ Western Plaza

BoriShorts 1 - Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Thursday, October 17 - 7:00pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Thursday, October 1 - 1:50pm @ Western Plaza

BoriShorts 2 - Horror & Thriller

Monday, October 21 - 7:00pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Friday, November 1 - 1:50pm @ Western Plaza

BoriShorts 3 - Out of the Box

Tuesday, October 22 - 7:00pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Tuesday, November 5 - 2:00pm @ Western Plaza

Dark Comedy Shorts
To our anti heroes and criminal mastermind, “The Car Stealers” arrived to the scene. In a reduced space of a sick 2001 Lexus sell your awaited soul in exchange for the greatest guacamole, after you discover the true of your favorite person by reading WhatsApp text. You will not recover easy soo you’ll need the doctor to prescribe you 600ml of ice cream and two action comedies. After that, you’ll be ready to accomplish all your dreams of becoming a serial killer at one phone call away.

October 20 - 9:00pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Monday, November 4 - 6:35pm @ Western Plaza

Fantasy Shorts

In a town where gypsies come and go, you’ll be consumed by your uncertainty fate. In a small flat place where reality blends with your favorite comic book. Will you be ready to receive an unexpected visit that can put at risk your world? If not, get ready to go camping alone in the woods where you will meet the mouras or stay at your house where the big monsters will emerge out of your bedroom closet. Your choice.


October 17 - 4:30pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Monday, November 4 - 2:00pm @ Western Plaza

Midnight Swim Shorts

On an ordinary, hot summer day, is the perfect time to suffer an incredible metamorphosis and discovering your body with your friends. In a room full of your guest find something bizarre and unexplainable that revolves around a sinister stray cat. At the end of the day, be ready to make your partner happy in bed... with a super finger. Because, if you live thinking about the food, this section may not change that.

October 19 - 11:50pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Saturday, November 2 - 11:45pm @ Western Plaza

Sci- Fi Shorts

Hello World: Welcome to the near future, where it is possible to buy and sell experience. Let us tell the history of human relationships that are using the latest technology of physical bodies teleportation. Open your eyes to a world where all manual labor work are replaced by humanoids and where you can meet your identical cyborg. Let our people be colonized by external forces to restore humanities chances of survival. Then ask yourself: What’s worth more? Money? Experience? Or your life?

October 22 - 4:20pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Thursday, October 31 - 5:30pm @ Western Plaza

Shit Happens Shorts

In a random car at night in Paris, take a trip on the A307 plane where you might end crashing on a nuclear plant. Today, is a regular day at the top of the food chain, where you will end up sacrificing your granddaughters pet bunny to get some proteins. Join a LAPD officer on his regular bad day and find a curious way to deal with homophobia in the town or stay observing from the apartment across the street. But remember, this is a story that no child should ever hear before sleeping. Because... shit happens.


October 22 - 8:45pm @ Plaza Guaynabo
Tuesday, November 5 - 4:10pm @ Western Plaza